I'm a product manager with 5 years experience in both enterprise and consumer software, from a 11 person startup to a transnational agile shop at one of the world's largest software developers. My background in software engineering and human/computer interaction design allows me to sweat the technical details while serving as an advocate for the user.


Sr. Product Manager – Opower (acquired by Oracle) 2014 – 2017

Digital Self Service See Project Overview

I was co-PM during the pre-launch planning and development of Opower Digital Self Service, a responsive web application that enables utility customers to solve their utility needs, including viewing and understanding their electric usage, paying their bill, and enrolling in utility programs. I was responsible for researching and defining the product strategy for an MVP in coordination with the engineering, marketing, sales and UX teams.

  • Refined product strategy according to needfinding workshops with 10+ major utilities and user testing sessions with hundreds of users, working with marketing and UX
  • Supported sales teams by participating as product expert in sales calls and on-site workshops with clients, translating client needs back into product strategy
  • Coordinated organizational melding of Oracle and Opower teams, including implementation of shared agile development approach

Opower Peak Management See Project Overview

I was PM for Opower Peak Management, a multimillion dollar/year solution line with more than a million users that allows electric utilities to manage peak grid strain by motivating customers to reduce their consumption through targeted and personalized email, SMS, and IVR communications.

  • Coordinated across engineering, marketing, and sales to grow product through revised go-to-market strategy and corresponding technical investments, enabling 2x throughput, 3x clients, and 50% greater ARR
  • Researched and coordinated new functionality based on user needs and market demands, working with UX to test/refine and engineering to implement using a modified agile (scrum) methodology
  • Ensured high availability of business-critical functionality through coordination with operations, product engineering, and platform engineering teams using a pre-mortem risk assessment model

Outbound Communications Platform

As an internal PM new to Opower, I supported other product teams by ensuring a highly available, high throughput, cost effective platform for outbound communications, supporting 20MM emails, 35MM print reports, 2.5MM phone calls, and 250k SMS per year.

  • Oversaw transition to lower cost, higher throughput email vendor, including defining requirements with engineering and conducting RFP process with vendor operations team
  • Conducted regular requirements gathering sessions with product teams to ensure platform investments were appropriately prioritized
  • Ensured technical implementation of legal compliance for outbound communications, including CAN-SPAM compliance for email and TCPA compliance for IVR/SMS


Co-Founder, Product Lead – The City Swig 2011 – 2013

I co-founded The City Swig, an 11-person nightlife deals company with a website and iOS app reaching 30,000 unique users in Charlottesville, Richmond, and Blacksburg, Virginia. I oversaw product strategy and development, including researching user stories, defining product requirements, and prioritizing the work of six developers. I was also responsible for front-end design and development utilizing A/B testing and user conversion tracking.


Web Developer – Center for Economic & Policy Studies 2011 – 2014

I managed the website for the Center for Economic & Policy Studies at the University of Virginia, including ensuring standards-compliant accessibility for the Center's data sources and developing visualizations using D3.js.



B.S., Systems & Information Engineering – University of Virginia 2010 – 2014

Concentration: Human Factors Engineering
Minor: Computer Science